D's Hooked On Fairies

How to make a Fairy Garden

With a little imagination and a few basic materials, Fairy Gardens add magic to indoor and/or outdoor containers.

Fundamentals of Creating a Fairy Garden

  1. Choose A Container
    • A container with drainage holes is best when using live plants outdoors. Indoor containers without drainage holes require a proper layering of rocks, charcoal and soil.
    • Plastic or terra cotta pots work great, clear glass bowls and jars reveal to much of the many layers
  2. Containers Without Drainage Holes: Layer Your Materials
    • First: apply an ample layer of pebbles to the bottom of your container for drainage
    • Second: insert a layer of landscaping fabric, coffee filter or porous plastic that will allow the water to penetrate. This will stop the soil from getting into the rock layer.
    • Third: cover the landscape fabric, coffee filter or plastic with a layer of charcoal to keep the soil fresh
    • Fourth: Fill the rest of the container with potting soil
  3. Choose A Theme
    • A fairy playground, whimsy, fun at the cabin or lake, an outdoor barbecue, wine lover, fun-times with the gnomes or a little garden to memorialize a loved one, the possibilities are endless
    • Look to your fairies and gnome to give you clues
  4. Pick Your Plants
    • Choose plants with compatible light and watering requirements
    • Choose miniature plants or those that you can prune and train easily or plants that grow slowly.
    • Use ferns for “trees”, lipstick or goldfish plant for “bushes”, baby tears, Corsica mint and creeping thyme make a nice “ground cover”, and ivies are great “climbers”
    • Miniature violets, roses, kalanchoes or any smaller flowering plant will add color to fairy garden scene
    • Create an edible miniature garden using herbs, lettuce,etc. Edible gardens are great fun for kids and adults. As you trim your garden you can eat the clippings!
  5. After You Plant Your Container, Fill-in With Your Accessories
    • Cute fairy houses, your very own custom fairy garden sign, chairs, benches, pillows, trellises, garden tools and so much more are all available at Hooked on Fairies website.
    • Fashion your own structures with a patio kit. This will allow you to create your very own structure to suite your container.
  6. Insert Fairy…
    this is the fun part!
  7. Finishing Touch…Cover Open Soil With Bark, Pebbles or Sheet Moss.
    You can use these materials to create grass and paths too!
  8. Remember To Water and Fertilize Carefully
    … everything is little and too much water too fast can create flooding in a container.
  9. Have Fun!
    Involve your family, friends, kids and grandchildren.

Having trouble getting started?

Fairy garden designer Diana Hoyt is happy to answer questions and share ideas.
e-mail her at dianaihoyt@hotmail.com